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Shanghai Fantastic 3 Day Tour

Shanghai World Financial Center was invested more than USD 1 billion mainly by Mori Building Corporation, Japan and other over 40 corporations. It is close to Jinmao Tower, the second high building in Shanghai. The center is 492 meters high and 104 floors, including 3 floors underground.
The Plan of Building
The structure features 3 floors of underground parking, shops and a conference center on floors 1 through 5, offices on floors 7 through 77, a hotel which managed by Hyatt Group located on floors 79 through 93, and finally observation and exhibition areas on floors 94 through 100. To protect the building from the fierce winds, the Shanghai World Financial Center settles two tuned mass dampers on 90th floors to reduce the building’s sway during windstorms and earthquakes. There are three viewing platforms in 94th to 100th, the 94th is an exhibition ground and viewing platform with an area of 700 sq. meters, 97th is a overpass, and a highest viewing pavilion with 55 meters long in 100th. It is higher than viewing platform of Canadian TV Tower (447 meters over ground) and Dubai Tower (440 meters over ground), and it will be the highest viewing platform in the world.
Sightseeing on Shanghai World Financial Center
Shanghai World Financial Center is the highest building in Shanghai, it creates Shanghai new landmark with Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower. It takes about 1 minute from first floor to 95th by the elevator with a speed of 10 meters per second.
In the 100th viewing pavilion, visitors can see the peak of Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower. In the 55 meters long viewing gallery, visitors can see the moving cars and passerby clearly through 3 transparent glass floors. The observation bridge atop the building will be the highest outdoor observation deck in the world.