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Shanghai Nanjing Tour 2 Days

Shanghai Urban Planning Hall is a vivid model of Shanghai's history. Each floor has its own theme based on Shanghai's development, such as a traditional Shanghai street in the 1930's (basement), historical and cultural city (1st and 2nd floors, or mezzanine), current master plan (3rd floor), and short and middle-term construction plan (4th floor).
The traditional 1930s street is a reproduction of typical Shanghai houses of the colonial period. Some "antiques" from the 1930s such as a trolley car, a mailbox and a rickshaw, are also displayed along the street.
A hall in the mezzanine, which exhibits famous and historical sites, reflects 100 years of changes in Shanghai. Comparison photos are presented along the wall.
One of the world's biggest urban planning models is displayed on the second floor – for most visitors the highlight of the whole Planning Hall. This 600-square-meter model shows what the urban landscape within the inner ring route will look like in 2020. Famous landmarks like the Shanghai Oriental Pearl tower or Bund can be found along the "Huangpu River." Shanghai changes every week and so does the plan for the city, therefore the model is updated continuously.
Another magnificent picture of Shanghai's future is showcased on the fourth floor. Some facilities are already under construction, such as Yangshan Deep-Water Port.
A circular corridor for leisure on the top floor is a good place to take a break. Some drinks and food are offered there.